Women’s History Month Georgina Britt Koko Lux Beauty

Georgina Britt Koko Lux Beauty

Meet Georgina Britt (Barbie). I started Koko Lux Beauty almost a year ago. My business offers Lashes, Lipgloss, and Handmade Waist-beads for starters. I have a love for Lashes and Lipgloss which are two of my favorite accessories. I decided to go on a self-love journey to love ME more and creating Waist-beads have helped me to get in touch with my sensuality, sexuality, and feeling more empowered for ME.

My business mission is to share what I learned along my journey of starting my business and getting back in tune with myself. I want to help women focus on their overall BEAUTY and encourage self-love and self-care so that all women look and feel beautiful inside and out. There will be more varieties of products, personal services and events soon.

Contact me at (810)493-2528 or social media @Kokoluxbeauty

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