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Many teens live online, alone. Here’s how to stay connected in the pandemic

For many teens, the pandemic has created an environment in which most of their lives take place in the shadows. Our kids have become increasingly acclimated to solitude, silence and screens over the course of the past year. Far too often, teens are up in their bedrooms, doors closed, screens illuminated, earbuds in. Many of…MORE

Fauci calls loosening Covid-19 restrictions inexplicable as variants threaten another surge

While tens of thousands of Americans are infected with the coronavirus each day and more research suggests variants threaten another surge, some state leaders are loosening Covid-19 restrictions against the recommendations of health experts. The decision to rollback measures is “inexplicable,” said Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious…MORE

Transportation Department watchdog asked DOJ to consider criminal probe of then-Secretary Elaine Chao over ethics concerns

The Transportation Department’s inspector general asked the Justice Department in December to consider a criminal probe into then-Secretary Elaine Chao over her alleged misuse of office, documents made public Wednesday said, including her alleged use of staff for personal tasks like sending Christmas ornaments to family. The Justice Department and the US Attorney’s Office in…MORE

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